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What time is it?

Name that offset

This page shows various time values and conversions to other units. I find this useful when programming in PHP and other languages.

Often, I want to run a SQL query to update a time value in a Drupal db table, and I need to know the delta to add to an existing unix timestamp value to push a value out by 24 hours, 90 days, etc. and would rather not whip out a calculator or do the math on paper...

15 Seconds1515000
30 Seconds3030000
45 Seconds4545000
60 Seconds6060000
One Hour36003600000
24 Hours8640086400000
7 Days604800604800000
One Week604800604800000
14 Days12096001209600000
Two Weeks12096001209600000
30 Days25920002592000000
45 Days38880003888000000
60 Days51840005184000000
90 Days77760007776000000
365 Days3153600031536000000
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