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Windows Errors - find and fix them

Windows 7, XP and Windows Vista Troubleshooting

Find and fix DLL errors in Windows 7, Vista and XP

When you encounter a Dynamic-Link Library error (DLL error) or related Windows 7, XP or Windows Vista error, what can you do about it? How can you track down the source of the problem and, one hopes, fix the problem?

With a little bit of Windows troubleshooting skills one can usually find the problem and fix it. If a Windows error of this type is troubling you, it can be fixed in most cases with some effort.

What the heck is a DLL, anyway?

A DLL is often a part of an application or software program, containing some of the application's instructions or additional data required by the application. It is also used to share components between applications–it's a way to create modular components that can be replaced or updated without having to update the entire application. DLL files are a key component of the Windows operating system, and have been so since the earliest versions.

Here are some suggestions on how to fix DLL problems:
First, write down or copy any error message(s) you see. You can also take a screen snapshot using the 'Prt Sc' key (stands for 'Print Screen') which will copy the screen's contents into the clipboard so that you can then paste it into a Word document or the MSPAINT application, so you can then print the error message for future reference.

Second, search the web for the error message using your favorite search engine. Look for results that are a close match for the problem you are experiencing. The closer the match, the better.

Now, if you can find good results on the web, you may be in luck: if others have resolved the issue, you should be able to find some suggestions for solving the problem. In my experience it is very rare for someone to encounter a problem that no one else has discussed. So, if you can't find useful info using a web search, it may be a matter of refining your search to narrow down the results.

Usually, the problem comes down to re-installing or updating the software package that is encountering the problem. Sometimes, there is a patch available from Microsoft if the problem is caused by part of Windows.

Occasionally, the problem is caused by one application installer overwriting a shared copy of a DLL, and another application was dependent on a particular (older or newer) version of the DLL. (This has been described as "DLL Hell" by some - when one application damages another by replacing shared components - a poorly-written windows installer can certainly contribute to this problem.) In this case, it may be possible to place the correct copy of the dependent DLL in the affected applicatio'n's program directory - DLLs are loaded first from the current directory, which is usually the location of the applications main .exe file.

In other cases, you might want to consider spyware or adware removal - AdAware or Spybot S&D (or similar product) may be helpful in this case. I've not seen adware or spyware cause DLL version errors, but it is possible that one or more of these nuisances may cause such a problem. In any case, you should check your machine for malware - viruses (using an online scanner if needed), or the aforementioned spyware/adware, if found, should be removed, if for no other reason than to eliminate it as the possible cause of any problem.

Helpful Utilities


  • Windows Event viewer - using this built-in tool, you can view the system event log and see error message that my not be displayed to the user. This can be incredibly useful in your detective work.
  • Sysinternals Process Explorer
  • Microsoft Dependency Walker - great free tool that will allow you to gather a list of all DLLs used or required by a program or other DLL. This can be a life-saver.
  • Ad-Aware by LavaSoft
  • Spybot S&D
  • Windows XP 'emergency repair' procedure - when things get really dicey
  • Windows XP Recovery Console - can be used to restore files from the XP installation disk (not for the faint of heart!)

nice article

Nice article. BTW, newbies use some tools, such as dll show, to view a list of all running processes and their DLL dependencies. good article, thanks.

missing dll-jbfcwjfa. dll

Thanks, I need all the help I can get!

strange dll

i find this in my startup programs in Your uninstaller:Item name:5cc533d0;command:rundll32.exe"C:\WINDOWS\system32\qnabuhgj.dll",b ;Product name:microsoft windows opreating system. is this a virus?

yes that is its trying to

yes that is its trying to hide itself as a windows file. Delete with Shift+Delete then run a full scan with your anti-virus software.

dll error

I keep getting this error windows/system32/nslhmulc.dll. Any ideas? Does registration screeners work?

many dll errors

There has to be a program that I can run to fix these errors that does not require a masters in computers.
I count 9 dll errors. I need help bad. Larry

DLL error

I have been trying for months to repair the p17.dll module on my pc an have had ZERO luck... i have no sound on start up or on yahoo websites or most sites with music or video for that matter... only very few do I! I can't live without my video an music!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

Why why is this happening??....pleeeease Help.

Long story short all started yesterday after I noticed I had a Worm by the name of Win32.Zafi.B after having upgraded my pc-cillin to a newer version (16.6) short after I started scaning my system the main counsel began to crash then all my web browsers!!! including Steam and one of my favorite online games CC3. After that I uninstalled the new pc-cillin than downladed comodo firewall and avg anti virus (free) ..I .also scanned my pc using two system cleners on safe mode, which took forever!

After doing all this...using another pc to use the web...I spent well over 6 hours with pc-cillin tech support trying to come up wth a solution but, I still get this pop up at start up from Security Center Alerts saying.....

Do I want to block this suspicious software? Win32.Zafi.B Risk: High.

While doing all this, I'm not sure at what point I started getting these Application Errors:

Exception EAccessViolation in Module lptspcp.dll at 000001C03.
Acess Violationat address 019F1C03 in module 'lptspcp.dll'. Write of address 00000001B.

I ckick ok..then another smaller window appears...

Runtime error 216 at 01blahblahblah

So it seems to me I have issues with Viruses and Registry Errors. Can anyone please Help!!

DLL error

How to fix this error: C:\WINDOWS\system32\vjndrvsg.dll
What is that file for?

DLL Error

I've got a .dll error on start up. Googled it and came back with 0 results. Any suggestions? C:\windows\ikesifiziwesi.dll Thanks


keep getting c:\users\owner\appdata\local\temp\khecyv.dll


I have got this ucoxoyiviyi.dll problem on start up, I searched the web and got 0 result?? Could anyone help me pls? thanks a lot.

DLL Error after deinstalling Norton Antivirus


I got two dll errors after deinstalling Symantec endpoint protection

- tzres.dll
- Mpeg2Data.dll

I found the webpage, which has dll files to download and explains how to install and register dll files also. I did all that but still get the same error massage.
I use win 7 , is there a difference in win xp and win 7 dll files?

Maybe this webpage could help some of you guys.

Window not up-dating

I installed a new hard disk. But on connecting internet my window is not up-dating. Even manually also it is not updating. Please help.

Rajendra Chandra