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A new site about project failure and team failure

I'm starting a separate blog about team and project management failures (and how to prevent them.) I'm going to start with a list of my favorite books about team building and management, and go from there.

(I'm using Python and Pelican because I'm moving away from Drupal and PHP.)

Automating vote tallying on the Google+ "Light Box" community: The TallyBot

The Light Box is a Google+ community that allows people to submit photos for community review. Qualified community members 'vote' on photos by leaving a comment with sequential hashtags like "#delete1", "#delete2", "save5", etc. The when the saves or deletes reach 10, we have a winner (the first to reach the threshold wins.)

Find the top commenters on a Google+ post

I've created a simple web app to show the top comments and commenters for a Google+ post. There's a simple bookmarklet that allows you to see results for a post you're viewing on Google+.

The current features are early beta test stage. I'll be adding new features over the next few weeks.

Feedback welcome!

Twitter Streaming API utility for Python

I've released twitter-streamer ("Streamer") under the MIT license.

Streamer is a simple Python script that dumps tweets using Twitter's streaming API via the statuses/filter method.

Social Media Smack Down: Sex, Drugs, and Coffee

I've been working on a web app that tracks and displays recent social media trends.

During the limited beta test, I'm using it to monitor social media trends for sex, drugs, and coffee.

Sex, Drugs, and Coffee: by the minute

By the minute, in the last 60 minutes:

Sex, Drugs, and Coffee: by the hour

By the hour, for the last 24 hours:

How do I erase or delete an Evercookie?

What's an evercookie?

An evercookie is a persistent cookie that uses numerous clever techniques to avoid full deletion by the user. Think of it as a "super-cookie" that can be used to track your online activities even though you have taken steps to protect yourself, and you think you are protected against tracking.

To make matters worse, evercookies use something known as a local shared object (a Flash variable) to provide cross-browser tracking. This is another great reason to block Flash by default -- if you are a FireFox user, you really should be using FlashBlock, NoScript, or other techniques to avoid auto-loading Flash animations in your browser.

Just in time for the elections: "I'm an anarchist... and I vote" bumper stickers!

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I found this on -- a funny bumper sticker:

I'm an anarchist -- and I vote bumpersticker

"Honey", a digital painting by Catrina

Our daughter, Catrina, has completed her first all-digital work. This is a digital portrait of "Honey", her Grandmother's Apple-headed Chihuahua. Catrina loves Chihuahuas...

Honey, a digital painting of a Chihuahua by Catrina
"Honey", by Catrina Curry

You can see more of her works in her gallery.

Wacom Cintiq 21ux -- simply awesome!

The Wacom CINTIQ 21UX (DTK2100) 21-Inch Pen Display is just awesome. I'm thinking of ordering one soon.

Seems like many online vendors are backordered one to two weeks. Is this due to popularity or is there a production issue that's preventing shops from restocking?

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