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"Honey", a digital painting by Catrina

Our daughter, Catrina, has completed her first all-digital work. This is a digital portrait of "Honey", her Grandmother's Apple-headed Chihuahua. Catrina loves Chihuahuas...

Honey, a digital painting of a Chihuahua by Catrina
"Honey", by Catrina Curry

You can see more of her works in her gallery.

Accepy my deep Congrats.

very nice.

Great pic, you should frame

Great pic, you should frame it and create it on other things such as tshirts and mugs. Start a little business or a keep-sake collection.

Very good!

That's extremely good pic!.
I love the details of hair, its colors. The expression of the dog is fantastic. Everything is just perfect.

Keep good work.

BTW, how long does it take her to complete this pic?

It's her first digital portrait

It took her a few days to complete. She was using this as a learning experience.

It look no natural not like

It look no natural not like computer graphic, how old she is.


gorgeous pictures. I looked through all of them - they are really masterpieces, but the most beautiful for me is Norma Jeane's portrait. How does it work?

Cute Dog Painting

Wow! It doesn't even look like a digital painting! It's like a clear picture. Nicely done and I can see the effort and the art put into it. Painter Melbourne