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Living with Windows? These utilities can help prevent malware and crapware infestations

I've abandoned Windows in favor of Linux (Ubuntu) over the last several years, so I don't suffer from malware/crapware infestations (they never really hit me much, me being hyper-vigilant about installing stuff on my systems...) I've moved all family members off Windows as well, if they want me to help maintain their computers.

For those of you working with Windows (and hence subject to all the usual vexations associated with it), these two software utilities look promising:

  • Unchecky -- automatically deselect the crapware options when installing new software (that's how most crapware finds its way onto your system).
  • Ninite -- keeps your installed software up-to-date from a single utility. Use this, ignore the random pop-ups telling you to update your installed software.