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Windows Disk Defragmenter - Open Source and Free Alternatives

Ever since Windows Vista, the built-in disk defragmenter seems a bit... crippled.

No graphical progress display. No visual analysis. No visual or other indication of current fragmentation status.

I suppose this is intended to hide the computer's complexity from the average user.

But: Sometimes you need to know the fragmentation status of one or more disk drives. Sometimes you need greater control over the defragmentation process. Sometimes you need the power user option. Then what?

Free Windows Defrag Alternatives

Well, you could buy a commercial disk defrag tool. Or you could download and use one of these free alternatives:

Note: I've not yet tested any of the defragmenters listed above. I will be using them over the next few weeks; I'll update this page when I can provide salient feedback about them.


Wikipedia list of open source defragmentation software.

Defraggler, is very GOOD

Deffragler is from the same makers of CCleaner,
It's very good and FREEWARE

Thanks, I'm testing it now

I've added Defraggler to my list. I'm testing it right now, and it looks clean and simple.

Thanks for the tip!


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