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Simple classified ads module for Drupal 4.7 and Drupal 5

Status Update: 7/1/2009

The Classified Ads module now has a new maintainer. I'm no longer actively maintaining the module. Questions, comments, and support requests should be directed to the module issue queue.

I've created a simple classified ads module for Drupal 4.7 and Drupal 5. It is now in use on a large number of Drupal-based sites.


My classified module creates a new node type ('ed_classified') and associates an expiration time stamp with all nodes of that type. Borrowing from the image.module image gallery scheme, it creates and associates a custom taxonomy with the classified ads. Site administrators then need to create child taxonomy terms for each classified ad category. As with any Drupal taxonomy, ad categories may be nested to arbitrary depth.

Who's using this module?

If you want to see who is using this Classified Ads module, you can click here to ask Google who's using this module - so you can see it in operation on thousands of pages across the internet.

Simple to configure and use

It's simple to use, and offers the following features:

  • automatic ad expiration - old ads are 'unpublished', then deleted after an admin-defined grace period,
  • ad renewals (user can renew an ad before it expires),
  • body text length limitations,
  • client-side javascript to display body text length consumed in real time while user enters ad text,
  • custom CSS (ed_classified.css),
  • recent and popular ad blocks,
  • views module integration,
  • email notifications prior to ad expiration
  • per-category (taxonomy term) configuration for default ad duration
  • Views module support

Great, so how do I use it on my site?

Download it from


Hi, Mike...

I am very interested in the status of your module. Could you please contact me at "ldacuna (at)" with any relevant information? I am willing to contribute, pending more concrete information.

Kind regards,

From San José, Costa Rica

Classified Ads module now available on

As mentioned above, ed_classified.module is now available for download on in the contributed modules area. Classified Ads for Drupal

want to donate

Tried using your "Support ongoing development!" link off to the left there, but even though I'm a verified paypal user, they kept telling me that you wouldn't accept payment from "unverified" accounts. I sent you a private email, asking you about this.

Meanwhile, my humble opinion is that the more difficult you make it for people to send you development funds, the fewer people will do so. You might consider changing your paypal settings, at least for this particular link.

I hope you're able to make a drupal 5.x version of your module. I have a lost and found pets website that it would be just perfect for. Far better than what I'm using now. But, due to hosting limitations, I can only install drupal through cpanel and only the latest version. (5.1)

Fixed now, thanks

The problem you experienced was due to a misconfiguration on paypal causing this problem for some contributors. I've fixed it now, and have received and claimed your donation. Thanks very much for your patience, and your donation!

Menu to view ads

I am sorry if this is a real noobie question. I installed drupal 5 on my site and then your ed_classifieds module. I have it all working as I want apart from one thing.

On the menu there is a 'Classified ads' item which links to which just displays the message

Classified ads
There are 0 ads in this category

This is obviously not what is intended, I assume this should either show all adds or a list of categories. Any help would be appreciated


What child categories?

Have you created any child categories in the Classified Ads taxonomy term?
Have you created any classified ads within the child categories?
Can you provide a link to your site so I can see the problem?

Hiding unpaid ads

I am playing with your classifieds module and it does most everything I need... which is great.

I came up with one question: When someone doesn't pay (or the ad expires I assume), the ad is private... but I still see the title on my page. I would like to hide the ad all together from the public unless it is paid for... not just mark it as private.

Is this possible?


Unpublished ads should not show

When an ad expires, it's marked as unpublished. You should set your workflow settings so that new classified ad nodes are not published. (admin/settings/content-types in drupal 4.7, not sure where it's at in drupal 5)

If an ad is not 'published', are they still visible to the public? If so, you have something else going on. Or, if you are logged in as admin, you will see them because you see unpublished nodes due to your permission level.

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