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MyBlogLog for Drupal 4.7

I've created a simple MyBlogLog module for Drupal 4.7. This module provides the following features:

  • Inserts the MyBlogLog tracking javascript into generated pages - no need to hand-edit your template's page.tpl.php file, or manually create a block to inject the tracking javascript.
  • Provides the "Recent Reader" widget block
    (includes configuration options - color, width, # rows, etc.)
  • Disable visitor tracking for Administrators and other users on a per-role basis (prevent skewed stats due to admin or other roles' visits.)

... and more


Just extract or copy the files into your site's modules/mybloglog directory.


  • Enable the module in the usual way, then set access options as desired.
    The only access option is to disable the module for a given role - this will disable all functionality provided by the module, in order to avoid skewing statistics for your site.
  • Visit the settings page for the MyBlogLog module (/admin/settings/mybloglog) and enter the required information.
    You must provide the MyBlogLog tracking server name and your blog id, both of which must be extracted from your site setting pages on - look at the tracking script, find the 'track{n}' and mblID={n} items - and enter them into the MyBlogLog module settings page. So, given this example script provided by MyBlogLog:
    <script type='text/javascript' 

    you would need to enter this information in the MyBlogLog module settings page:

Block configuration

  • If desired, enable the MyBlogLog - Visitor Widget block. You should set this block's settings in the MyBlogLog module settings page (/admin/settings/mybloglog) - width, colors, etc.
  • Please note that the current version does not perform any sanity checks on your block settings - so please take care to enter sensible values for the block configuration settings. If you make a mistake here, the block will not function correctly (and you probably won't see anything in the block). When in doubt, double check your settings. Future versions will validate the settings.

News flash:

Now hosted on CVS/Project repository.

Please visit

for latest releases, bug/issue reports, etc.

Release Information

Now hosted on CVS/Project repository. Please visit for latest releases, bug/issue reports, etc.

Thanks from mybloglog

We appreciate the support!

Nice Work

Nice job on that. I added a recent reader block by just putting the MyBlogLog code into a block, but I like the way your module can disable it for logged in users.

If you want to add more features and create the ultimate MyBlogLog module for drupal, you might consider adding support for displaying MyBlogLog avatars in comments. Someone's already done it for self-hosted WordPress, if you're interested that code might give you a head start:

Just a thought, not a feature request :)


Thanks for the suggestion - I'll look at that ASAP. I want to ensure that this module adds value (right now, it's pretty lightweight).


I was looking for something like this when I was creating a block to display MyBlogLog on my site. This works just like the Text Links Ads module for Drupal. Very nice!

Glad you like it.

I'm very happy to hear you like the module. Please don't forget to give feedback, if you can think of useful features or have any issues to report.

Don't forget to go to the official project page on for the latest version.

5.1 compatibility

Any chance of a drupal 5.1 compatible version? Or should the current version work w/ 5.1 and I'm doing something wrong (it's loaded in the module directory but doesn't show up as an available module in drupal)?

MyBlogLog module not compatible with Drupal 5 yet

it should be fairly easy to update to Drupal 5. I'm not sure when I'll have time to update it, though. Any takers?