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Customize Drupal's 'read more' teaser link placement on Drupal 4.7, Drupal 5, and Drupal 6

Here's a standalone module that provides the handy customization described at You can see it in use on this site.

It offers administrator options (at admin/settings/ed_readmore) to enable / disable the tweak, and control placement of the read more link.

You can tweak your css file to provide greater control over the read more link formatting. For example, I use this to prevent the read more link wrapping when it's at the right margin: { white-space: nowrap; font-weight:bold; font-style:italic;} 


The module is designed to work with Drupal 4.7, Drupal 5, and Drupal 6, running PHP4 or PHP5.

Usage notes

Install ed_readmore.module as usual: create a modules/ed_readmore directory, unpack the files there. Then, enable the ed_readmore module.

Visit the admin/settings/ed_readmore page and configure the options. Be sure to check off the options that enable moving the 'read more' link (these are enabled by default in later versions.)

Now hosted on

This module now has a home on

cool modules

Thanks for pointing out this "tweak" and making a .module for it. I just installed it at:

I never thought about "read more" getting lost in all the clutter. I guess that's because I'm familiar with a lot of Drupal sites. I think it does need to be separated after giving it some thought.

BTW: Just found your site and am adding it to my bookmarks and subscribing to RSS feed.

Thanks for the feedback

The "read more" thing has bugged me for a while (ever since starting to use Drupal) - I've had numerous people tell me that they didn't know there was more to a story - they never saw the read more link. This depends on the theme in use, of course, but hiding the "read more" link in the links block tends to make it hard to modify any other way.

The other advantage to this module is that the read more link shows up in your site's feeds - so readers know that there is more to the story, and are more likely to visit, IMO.

I recommend tweaking the theme's CSS file for the .read-more span/div - you can make the "read more" link more prominent, if you like. I've done that on a number of sites, and find that it really helps.

I just checked out, nice site :D


Thanks a ton. This has been bugging me since I set my site up. Keeping this link handy.


I have always hated how this is so in Drupal, thanks for the mod! Make the read me so much more noticeable and hopefully not missed

Very neat little module!

Very neat little module! Thank you for your contribution.

Drupal 6 Version

There is a Drupal 6 version of this here.

Drupal 6 version committed to CVS

I've committed the community-contributed Drupal 6 modifications to CVS, so we should begin seeing nightly dev builds soon. When this release has been blessed by the community, I'll provide an official release for Drupal 6.

"read more" and full text


I sure hope people are still following this thread. Adding the "read more" module to our website was just my first attempt at playing with Drupal. The module was super easy to add for a non "technical" person (I'm a visual designer) but I'm having an issue that the "read more" link still shows up when the full content is contained in the "teaser". Is there an easy fix for this?



Use the support / issues queue on

Did you ever get answer to Read More issue?

We have the same problem. The complete text is on the home page for a site we are building in Drupal and the Read More link shows up even when there is no additional copy to read. Did you ever get an answer asking how to remobe or negate the Read More notation?


Good module. Just installed the 6.x-3.x-dev version on a simple blog site running drupal 6.4. Worked perfectly. Doesn't show the 'read more' if the entire body is displayed.


A suggestion

I think the "Read more" link would be even more visible if it is put inside a colorful full horizontal bar (table of one cell). Hope to see this option in the future. Any one knows how to make this work?!


The Read More link can be styled the way you want by using CSS (you'll have to edit one of the theme CSS files, usually style.css) and add the appropriate styling information.

Putting "Read More" at the center of the page

How to put read more in a single line at the horizontal middle of the page?! What should I add to CSS line?!


Thank you for your contribution. I think that the most useful..