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Help for the weary Drupal developer: and OpenSearch plugins

OpenSearch Plug-ins for, Drupal 4.7 API, Drupal 5 API, and Drupal 6 API

I've created some Drupal-specific OpenSearch plugins for Firefox (and IE7, too!). They provide and search integration in browsers supporting the OpenSearch search plugin protocol.
They are useful when searching for Drupal API routines or other Drupal development subjects. Install them as you would any other OpenSearch plugin...

Note: at present, the API search plugins work best with single words. I need to figure out how to package multi-word searches in the search URL.

I've tested them in FF 2.0.x and IE7. If you encounter any issues, leave a comment on this page.

FireFox 2 Autodiscovery


This page contains the necessary autodiscovery entries, so, you need to tell your browser to install them for you.

Installation is fairly straightforward in FireFox and related browsers: just click on the search box icon, and in the drop-down list you should see a list of new search definitions available to be added to your browser (see sidebar image for an example.)

Flash: Drupal 5 Module creates OpenSearch plugin for your site!

Here's a nifty module that creates OpenSearch plugins for your Drupal 5-based site.

Manual Download Links

For those who are so inclined, here are direct download links: Search
Drupal 4.7 API search
Drupal 5.x API search
Drupal 6.x API search
Drupal HEAD API search

I don't know how to install

I don't know how to install them once you've downloaded them ...

I don't know about IE7, but with Firefox the plugins' extensions need to be changed from .xml to .src. Then you can use window.sidebar.addSearchEngine, which is the subject of an article at called Using JavaScript to add new Search Engines.

There are already several OpenSearch plugins for at the Mycroft Project. You can look at their JavaScript installer to see how it works.

Thanks for the info

Naturally, Mycroft is the one place I didn't bother looking for an existing search plugin for Drupal. That's ok, I wanted to make them anyway. :D


Just a little issue with the installation.

The Add "Drupal 4.7 API search" and Add "Drupal HEAD API search" options remained in the list after I added them. The Add "" option works fine.

I think it is because they names differ from the installed one:
Drupal 4.7 API search <-> Drupal Api search (4.7)
Drupal HEAD API search <-> Drupal Api search (HEAD)


Thanks for the plugin..


I changed the autodiscovery description to match the name in the XML file. I hope that fixes the problem for you, it seems to have done so for me.

very useful thanks

very useful thanks

My favorite

These belong to my favorite tools for Drupal development. Could you make a Drupal 6 API search version.
Very much appreciated!

Drupal 6 version now available

I've added a Drupal 6 API version to the page. Enjoy!


Thanks a lot!
Makes the search much faster!! :)

good instructions?

would love to use these resources if I could figure out how. Could someone in the know kindly prepare detailed instructions for Firefox-in-windows users? Would be great... thanks.

It's fairly simple...

While viewing this page, drag down the FireFox search bar list (click the small down arrow to the left of the search box.) You should then see a list of Drupal search definitions near the bottom of the list, each prefixed with "Add". Select the Drupal search definitions you wish to add, one at a time.

If that doesn't work, then I'm afraid I can't offer much advice other than to refer you to the FireFox documentation or a quick Google search... or the following step-by-step instructions:

How to Add Search Engines to Firefox's Search Box (

How to Add a Custom Search Engine to Firefox's Search Bar (

Offline Drupal API in iphone

Just in case any one needed, offline drupal api in Iphone
Offline Drupal API in iPhone

Fix: update for

These OpenSearch plugins will not work on the latest version of

You need to edit the following in the xml files: search
Change: template="{searchTerms}"
To: template="{searchTerms}"

Drupal API search
Change: template="{searchTerms}/6"
To: template="{searchTerms}"

Change the number after 'search/' for specific api versions.