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What SINGLE new feature is most important for the next release of the Drupal AdSense (Content) Injector module?

Add a comment if I've missed an important feature!

If it seems like a reasonably useful feature, I'll add an entry to the poll so we can vote on it.

Add Drupal7 Support

Drupal 7 Support is the #1 feature! ;)

Greater control on the

Greater control on the insertion point is a great added feature. Other than that I think the ability to turn off the template at each individual node would be great. Example If I allow users to create nodes on my site I would want the standard placement of adsense ads to be in a template format (just like content injector is now) But lets say I want to add (as the admin) a piece of content (the same content type). I actually might want to turn the template off just for that particular node and not have ads at all or place them with just an inline toke or whatever exactly where I want them.

Just a thought. Been using adsense injector for years. Great module

woops, read through the 3.x

woops, read through the 3.x documentation looks like you are adding the per node control. Awesome.

There's a mechanism to prevent injection...

In the 3.x branch, if you place the text ai:noinject anywhere within the first 512 characters of the node body, the injection should be blocked for that node. It's undocumented, but it's there. I've not tested it thoroughly, though. The biggest problem is that the HTML filter strips comments, so you can't use something like <!--ai:noinject--> so I usually do something like <br class="ai:noinject"/>

module permissions

Hi, I haven't seen so far the ability to show/hide injections depending on the role. If that is not possible yet, I hereby vote for it :-)

pagetron using drupal adsense module

For the first time,I am using this module in my;everything seems fine.the only problem i face is that i can not specify a specific position to show inline ads.I want to vote for your module, not find the exact link to vote.Thank you so much for this module.