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Drupal PHP Snippet: Delete users with no nodes

Here's a handy PHP snippet to purge user accounts for all users who haven't created any nodes on your site. It's useful when you have a lot of users who have signed but haven't created any nodes.

// Get a list of all users in the site who have not created any nodes, AND uid > 1
$sql = "SELECT u.uid FROM {users} u WHERE u.uid NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT n.uid FROM {node} n) AND u.uid > 1 ORDER BY uid";
$result = db_query($sql);
$row = db_fetch_object($result)) {
// delete the user account
user_delete(array(), $row->uid);

Works but times out with many users

Snippet works good, but if there is a lot of cleaning up to do it times out and you see a blank page. If you add a LIMIT you could delete it batchwise.

Good point

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, you have to be careful that the processing time doesn't exceed your PHP timeout values.

Hi There , nice tip! Would it

Hi There , nice tip!

Would it also time out if the script was run from the command line ?