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Essential Windows Utilities

Here's a shortlist of utilities I think are essential for regular users of Windows-based systems.
Most of these are aimed at keeping your system running cleanly, eliminating problems, or checking the status of hard disk drives or memory hardware.
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Maintenance Utilities

  • Tree Size Pro by Jam Software -
    must-have!  Or you can get the freeware version which is simpler but
    still useful.
  • Spyware and 'Trojan' removers: scans system for "ad-ware"
    or "spy-ware"
    that has been installed on your machine
    without your full knowledge and consent.
    • Ad-Aware by LavaSoft
      (friendlier) or
    • SpyBot S&D by
      (catches some things that Ad-Aware doesn't)
    • Power user stuff (not for the faint of heart -- useful if
      you have a serious infestation, though.)
      • Autoruns
      • HiJackThis! by Merijn (
        - very cool power user utility; looks for junk that has been added to your
        system. Also
        many other utilities from this site - You should check them out... 
      • KazaaBegone my Merijn (
        claims to be able to remove all the crap that Kazaa deposits on your
      • LSP-Fix helps
        detect third-party network Layered Service Providers (LSPs)
        which can be used to hijack network communications (LSPs can
        defeat software firewalls such as ZoneAlarm) 

Power User/Developer Utilities

  • Most Sysinternals stuff,
    • Process Explorer
    • Filemon
    • Regmon
    • PageDfrg
    • DbgView
    • Autoruns (under Miscellaneous)
    • PSTools
  • LoSOFT Tools:
    Freeware utilities; one of which (scacl.exe) allows remote management of
    NT/Win2k/XP service ACLs; very useful if you are trying to use Sysinternals'
    psservice or Microsoft's SC.EXE to remotely administer services.
  • RegClean by Microsoft (Microsoft is deprecating this utility)
  • EasyCleaner by Toni Arts(Replacement for RegClean)
  • COM Explorer by 4Developers (Manage ActiveX controls, remove malfunctioning/misregistered controls and other COM objects, etc.)
  • Beyond Compare by Scooter Software (Highly recommended!  Well worth the registration price.)
  • BoundsChecker
  • Gimpel PC-Lint
  • Network configuration:

Basic Necessities

Hardware Testing


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