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DLL Error: esent.dll and wuauclt.exe - Access violations and other errors after user logs in

A friend had me check out his ailing Windows XP Home notebook computer last night. Every time he booted the computer, it would display an endless stream of error messages about wuauclt.exe having caused an access violation. This message would reappear every 30 seconds or so.

Microsoft has a hotfix (see 'related links', below) that is supposed to address this problem, but I was unable to install the hotfix - the system would display an error message saying that it could not verify the system configuration, and therefore could not install the hotfix.

Windows XP Themes

Windows XP supports look and feel customization using 'themes'. Themes are collections of settings and images that provide a complete appearance 'package' for your XP system.

When you select a new theme, Windows XP takes on a customized appearance that is controlled by the theme's settings and imagery. The customizations can include fonts, colors, desktop wallpaper, and other Windows XP visual styles elements. You can give your Windows XP system a completely unique look and feel.

Adware and spyware and how to remove them

An epidemic of uninvited guests

One of the recurring problems I encounter is spyware and adware. When helping home or other casual Windows users with performance problems on their Windows XP systems, I frequently encounter programs that have installed themselves without the users' knowledge - invariably, I hear "I have no idea how that got there."

Upon inspection, I often find a variety of 'hidden' program set to run when the computer is started. These unwelcome and uninvited guests pests bring a variety of problems with them, so it's always best to eliminate them from the computer whenever possible.

installation issue

Not sure why, but I tried to install this module to Drupal 5.1 and I selected it in Modules and got it installed, but it never created the container for the Classified Ads under Categories. Any idea why?

I should mention I have previously installed the module a few weeks ago, but later uninstalled the module because the client changed his mind. Now he's changed his mind again and does in fact want to use the module. Maybe I need to do some cleaning on the database side? Or is the .install file just not doing anything?


New AdSense ad graphic

We've noticed some new visual elements in AdSense ads - namely, Google has been adding enhanced graphic elements where the old "Ads by Gooooogle" text used to appear.

They are using transparent PNG files to overlay the border graphic.

Here's a sampling of the new graphics:

Here's what it looks like with an ad having a visible border:

lsass.exe - what is it?

LSASS.exe (the 'LSA Shell') is part of the Windows security services, dealing mainly with local security policies. I've seen two major variants: the export version (weak crypto) and the domestic version, which is supposed to offer 128-bit encryption.

Version 2.5 now available - more flexible insertion, teaser insertion

You should visit the project page and download the 2.5 or later version. It offers greater flexibility in ad placement, and insertion in teaser lists.

Adsense Injector Handbook now available

Here it is: AdSense Injector: automatic, no hassle insertion of AdSense ads in node content

Includes chapter on configuration and template insertion.

Essential CSS

If you are working with CSS and you use the FireFox browser, you absolutely must check out the lifesaving Web Developer add-in.

Essential JavaScript

If you are working with JavaScript, run, do not walk, over to Douglas Crockford's site and read his writings on JavaScript. We'll be here when you complete the assignment.

Back so soon? Now go over to's closures page and read up. Go ahead, it's ok.