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Free up disk space in Microsoft Windows

This page is part of a 7-part story, 7 things you can do to make Windows 7 (and other versions) easier to use.

Applies to: All
Why? Over time, your computer's hard disk (or solid state disk drive if you are using a mobile/netbook device equipped with such) accumulates files, as a result of software installations, music or video downloads, or web browsing and other temporary files, to name but a few causes.

Ever-increasing disk space usage can lead to greater file fragmentation, which can slow your system and makes the built-in disk defragmentation utilities work harder and, in extreme cases, may prevent defragmentation from taking place at all due to insufficient free space. Freeing up disk space by deleting large, unused files is a great way to help keep your system running smoothly and responsively.

How? Use handy utilities to clean up large or unused files on your computer.