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How Cable TV REALLY works

How Cable TV REALLY works. Click here to open a window with a larger version (800x600) of the poster.

Once upon a time I worked with a 'media' company (what is now referred to as the main stream media, or MSM) - this is before the internet was available to mere mortals, back when the IBM PC had just passed being the Next Big Thing, and Windows was a new option for PC users.

Here's a little poster I made up to decorate my cubicle - using an old version of Corel Draw, printed on a low-resolution printer, then scanned a decade later (my way of saying sorry for the poor quality).

This was more of an excuse to play with my then-newly acquired Corel Draw (one of my favorite Windows apps at the time, and to this day) - this was one of my first attempts at drawing a diagram using stock clipart, so please forgive the amateurish quality :D

I've always been something of a media critic, with an innate distrust of mass-media content and messages. Odd that I would end up 'sleeping with the enemy', so to speak - it was purely accidental, I assure you. I never did drink the kool-aid. Needless to say, this did not make me popular with upper management - my cow-workers loved it, though.