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Problems blocking MySpace using HOSTS file

A visitor ("Bethany") posted a question:

I did as your instructions said and I'm still able to access myspace. I've pasted my host file below. What else can i do? I really need myspace blocked.

Free and commercial tools to block on your computer or network

Here is a list of other ways to block if the Hosts file method is not sufficient, or you want more control over the process.

Block on Windows: zero cost, no additional software

I've been asked how to prevent access to on Windows systems without having to purchase or install blocking software. Well, there's a free and simple way to do this.

Here's a quick trick to block on a Windows system. Basically, you are editing a text file on your computer, adding an entry to it. This file is known as the 'hosts' file, and it allows you to block sites using a very simple but effective method.

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