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HD DVD Cracked; firestorm of controversy ensues.

A huge legal battle is forming around the HD-DVD crack posted on numerous websites, including Many sites have pulled the crack (which consists of nothing more than a series of hexadecimal digits making up a decryption key) under legal duress - It appears that started to comply but has reversed its position, citing pressure from the reader base.

So, it appears that a legal battle is brewing, and may be the one to challenge the vastly hideous DMCA in court.

I hope that prevails, because the DMCA is destined to die at some point. It's just bad 'law' - it sets a bad precedent, and it ignores the legal rights of law-abiding consumers. Unfortunately, it will take someone with deep pockets and considerable intestinal fortitude to see this through to the end. Let's hope that the decision-makers are made of the right stuff.