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Web server performance tuning and benchmarking - grab bag

I've been working on web site performance optimizations lately (though you might not believe it when visiting this site...)

I've come across a few useful performance-related resources that I've been using lately:

And, for those who don't have access to an opcode accelerator cache (like eAccelerator or APC) don't forget to check out PHP 5's realpath_cache_size and realpath_cache_ttl settings. (Note: realpath_cache_size is ignored when open_basedir or safe_mode are enabled.)

Oh, and one last thing: Here's an interesting (and amusing) presentation on hosting Drupal on Amazon EC2.

Thanks for recommending...

... a good web page benchmarking tool (among the other things). I have tried a couple that are often only so-so. Hopefully will help me improve my skills when helping some of the web maintenance clients.
I'm glad I stumbled here.

You're welcome!

I really like, it's almost too good to be true. So far it's been a superbly helpful benchmarking tool.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for sharing. Definitely solved my problem.