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AdSense Alternatives

Are you a publisher looking for something better than AdSense? We'll check out the competition.

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads advantages

Text Link Ads is an advertising network that offers the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed monthly revenue for filled ad slots based on site ranking at the time of advertiser sign-up.
  • Publisher pre-approval of ads appearing on the site.
  • Server-based ad content - no JavaScript required - ad blockers can't block the ads (but there are gotchas - see below.)

We've used Text Link Ads on one of our most popular sites. It worked well, but problems were apparent after a few months. As a result, we removed Text Link Ads from the site a few months ago.


ADSDAQ ( is an interesting advertising program that can be used in conjunction with your other advertising programs.

Key Features

  • You specify the minimum CPM (cost per thousand)
  • You provide alternate ads to be run when ADSDAQ cannot meet your specified minimum CPM. This allows you to set a minimum price for the ADSDAQ network.

I am in the process of trying this program on some sites. I'll report progress here soon.

Publisher Alternatives to AdSense

If you are a web publisher, you are probably aware of, and may be using, Google's AdSense program. For some people, AdSense performs very well; for others, not.

If you are interested in finding alternative advertising systems, we'll collect information on the various alternatives and present them here.

Unlike some other sites, I'll discuss only those programs that I am evaluating or have used in the past.

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