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Windows XP

.REG file allows XP search to operate on unknown file types

This registry file fixes the very broken search function in XP - by default, only known file types are searched, so, if a folder has files with extensions that do not have file associations registered with XP, they will not be searched for the desired text string - and, you won't be told about the files that weren't searched! I've spent countless minutes trying to figure out why a file wasn't found when I know it's in a folder somewhere...

Background info:

Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for Windows XP!

It looks as if Windows XP's number is up. According to various reports, Microsoft will be pulling the rug out from under Windows XP by forcing manufacturers to stop selling machines with XP by the end of 2008.


Updated: 2005.08.18
Added links to WFP info and tools

When you click the "Send a Link..." menu item in Internet Explorer 6, Outlook Express 6 attaches a .URL file, but doesn't insert a plain-text version of the link in your email message.

I don't know who thought that this was a good thing, but it is annoying.

Here's some info on how you might be able to fix it. (I had used these techniques on a pre-SP1 XP Pro installation, but there have been some changes since then, so please check the updates below.)

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