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.REG file allows XP search to operate on unknown file types

This registry file fixes the very broken search function in XP - by default, only known file types are searched, so, if a folder has files with extensions that do not have file associations registered with XP, they will not be searched for the desired text string - and, you won't be told about the files that weren't searched! I've spent countless minutes trying to figure out why a file wasn't found when I know it's in a folder somewhere...

Background info:

WinXPSearchFixForUnknownFileTypes.reg316 bytes

Windows Vista

FYI in case anyone is wondering...

The Microsoft KB fix for this issue also works on Windows Vista. I had this problem with my XP machine and now with my Vista one so I tried it and it works. If you are searching through files on a mapped network drive then you need to turn on the "always search file names and contents" in the search settings. You also need to complete each step of the KB article including method 1 (adding PersistentHandler keys) and method 2 but just the 1 DWORD value - don't go looking for all the indexing settings because they aren't there...

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Sorry, I forgot the link to the KB lol


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