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Son of RegClean

In the good (bad) old days, we used to use a Microsoft tool, RegClean which would scrub the Windows registry for dead information (which tended to accumulate if you removed previously installed software, and for other reasons.) This accumulation would cause your system to slow down, use more memory, and be less stable.

Microsoft stopped supporting RegClean for anything newer than Windows 98; so, if you have Win2k, XP, or Server 2003, what can you do to maintain system performance?

We used to use ToniArts EasyCleaner (older site here) which worked pretty well. I've not felt the need to use this since I don't add/remove software or components very frequently.

So, this article was interesting, as there are some 'new kids on the block' so to speak:

Combine 3 Free Tools for a Complete Windows Registry Fix

The 'ccleaner' (stands for "Crap Cleaner", apparently) may be found at:

Registry hacks . . .

I appreciate your post RE: CCleaner.
Its a good program w/ more functionality than many 'payfor' [forpay?] programs of its type.
I've been using it for a couple of years I guess, but I wouldn't say toss out out the old ToniArts EasyCleaner for it.

I think that they both have a place for the purpose you mentioned; I.E. cleaning up an 'abused' Registry. (Unlike you, I still dwld, install, & uninstall LOTS of software.)

In the past month I've been using several of these 'cleaners' to clean out some Registry problems that have accumulated over the last 34 months.
[The longest I've ever gone w/out a format & OS reinstall.]

I just used ToniArts EasyCleaner again, for the 1st x in probably 3+ years. [Win2kPE]
It still works good, although maybe not as good as CCleaner.

I'm still working on clearing out the junk in my Registry; its really surprising how badly it had gotten bollixed.

Thanks for the link, I'll try it.



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