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Alexa API module for Drupal

I'm working on an alexa API module that will allow your Drupal-based site to provide embedded Alexa site ranking information.

As of now, this module provides a number of useful features:

  • Generate img tag url for Alexa charts - embed Alexa charts in your site pages
  • Query Alexa toolbar data and return it in XML format
  • Caching of queried data

Future features:

* Requires Alexa developer account.

How's Progress


I'm a programmer and have been kicking around the idea of creating an Alexa Module for Drupal myself. I was just wondering how the module is comming along. Are you willing to make it available to others?


Another progrss update request

I'm really interested in seeing this module for Drupal 6. but it seems to be a while since this was posted. Is there any movement?

Yes, it's been a while...

This module 'got lost' in the shuffle. I've not done anything with it in quite a while. I'll dig it up and see if it's worth posting to

Code for this module?

Hi, I too am planning an Alexa module for Drupal 6. In particular I would be looking at showing Alexa stats and site thumbnails from cck url fields. How far did you get? fancy sharing your code?

i also want to know

i want to know where to find this module, thanks

Alexa API Modul for Drupal 5/6

Hi Mike,
could you please so kind and come up with a short status/feedback to the actual status of the project. Can we share or coop in developing the module? Can we see the code you have already written? Would be great hearing from you. Thanks.

No progress to report

I halted work on it quite some time ago. I will consider posting the code but I don't want to host this on for a variety of reasons.