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Essential JavaScript

If you are working with JavaScript, run, do not walk, over to Douglas Crockford's site and read his writings on JavaScript. We'll be here when you complete the assignment.

Back so soon? Now go over to's closures page and read up. Go ahead, it's ok.

Classified ads module for Drupal 4.7 and Drupal 5 available on

I've committed the classified ads module to the CVS - it's now available for download as an official release package.

You can find the official project page (and the official downloads) at

Trust Never Sleeps

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It's becoming apparent to me (slow thinker that I am) that 2007 is shaping up to be a year in which 'trust' becomes the central theme in many ways:

Why do I think trust is becoming a watchword?

Want to be found and seen? Three simple rules: promote, promote, promote.

How do you ensure that your site is found and read by users? According to Ahmed Farooq on - you must promote. Actively. Relentlessly. Writing great content just isn't enough.

I agree. I've noticed that good content can get you some traffic, but ultimately you need to get the word out about your beautiful creations.

Secret Stuff - AdSense competitive filter tool and URL/site ranking and visibility links tool

I've added a couple of handy webmaster tools to the site, but they've been hidden for a while - so it's time to let you all know about them:

URL/Site visibility links tool - quick links to SEO tools. I've added this page because I find myself checking these statistics from time to time, and wanted a convenient place to stash my collection of links. Since I went through the trouble, I figured someone else might find it useful.

How to evaluate a web site

I found this page over on the UC Berkeley Library site describing a set of steps to use in evaulating web pages - how to determine whether the information on the page should be trusted. The guide offers a list of suggested questions to ask, and the implications associated with the answer to those questions.

This can help you develop a critical eye when visiting a web page.

Used Kleenex

Apparently, you can find darn near anything on eBay.

When I enter certain search keywords in a Google search box, it seems like I see an endless stream of eBay ads - promising that I can find what I'm looking for, no problem! Unfortunately, sometimes the results are comical if not downright disgusting - and they show the weakness of the ad selection techniques.

Apparently, searching Google for 'used anything' has a pretty good chance of turning up these gems.

Here are a few "interesting" search phrases, and a snapshot of the accompanying Google ads that appear on the search results pages:

Help for the weary Drupal developer: and OpenSearch plugins

OpenSearch Plug-ins for, Drupal 4.7 API, Drupal 5 API, and Drupal 6 API

I've created some Drupal-specific OpenSearch plugins for Firefox (and IE7, too!). They provide and search integration in browsers supporting the OpenSearch search plugin protocol.
They are useful when searching for Drupal API routines or other Drupal development subjects. Install them as you would any other OpenSearch plugin...

MyBlogLog for Drupal 4.7

I've created a simple MyBlogLog module for Drupal 4.7. This module provides the following features:

  • Inserts the MyBlogLog tracking javascript into generated pages - no need to hand-edit your template's page.tpl.php file, or manually create a block to inject the tracking javascript.
  • Provides the "Recent Reader" widget block
    (includes configuration options - color, width, # rows, etc.)
  • Disable visitor tracking for Administrators and other users on a per-role basis (prevent skewed stats due to admin or other roles' visits.)

... and more

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